Trust’s Secret Weapon: The Power of Central
Posted February 22nd, 2016 by Jesse MacKenzie

Travis & Katie Using Central

Screen printing is a complicated process, especially with the volume we produce and the quality we demand at Trust. We are in no way a large company, or even a large screen printing shop, but we do have 18 people attempting to accomplish one goal with speed and accuracy. For the first 8 years of Trust, we attempted to make this happen with paper job sheets, memorization, and word of mouth…

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I-Jet 2: The Game Changer
Posted August 2nd, 2013 by Trust Printshop

Using film is great for printers that are just starting out or who are doing low to medium detail work, but many problems come with using film. As our awareness of film’s limitations grew, our desire for something better began. Our friends at Kiwo had the answer, and were able to help us implement what our system was missing. The remarkable I-Jet 2.