I-Jet 2: The Game Changer

Trust Printshop
August 2nd, 2013

Since the birth of Trust, we have used what most printers use for stencil making, an inkjet printer and film. Not wanting to settle where most printers settle, we stepped up the technology of our stencil making by replacing our inkjet printer and film with a printer that prints directly onto the screen. Using film is great for printers that are just starting out or who are doing low to medium detail work, but many problems come with using film. As our awareness of film’s limitations grew, our desire for something better began. Our friends at Kiwo had the answer, and were able to help us implement what our system was missing. The remarkable I-Jet 2.

I-Jet 2: The Game Changer - Trust Printshop

The I-Jet 2 is a computer-to-screen imaging system that images our separation files directly onto the screen. It images with an opaque water soluble wax instead of dye or pigment ink to ensure minimal light penetration while exposing. The benefits list of imaging directly on the screen is long, but what’s most important to us is the removal of an entire transfer conversion from computer to film, and then film to screen. Anytime there’s a transfer, there’s a risk of losing or gaining bits of information. We want our screen information to be exactly what we intended it to be, and nothing different.

I-Jet 2: The Game Changer - Trust Printshop Wax imaged on a screen.

I-Jet 2: The Game Changer - Trust Printshop

75x close up of the stencil’s edge definition.

Having the film-cuffs off, our stencil resolution limitations virtually do not exist. Now imaging our separations at 600 ppi, our edge definition is 4 times higher than before with film. When imaging at 600 dpi, each 300 dpi pixel is being replaced with 4 pixels.

I-Jet 2: The Game Changer - Trust Printshop

300 ppi VS 600 ppi

Big things are made up of a lot of little things, and a lot of little things have improved. This upgrade has made a big improvement with our process, quality, and our capabilities. Thanks I-Jet 2.



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