Our New Breakless Pricing

Jesse MacKenzie
September 16th, 2013

We’re all familiar with price breaks, where hitting specific quantities triggers a discount on the price-per-piece. This is the standard in the screen printing industry, but we don’t like the stress that causes. Why should we push you to order 50 shirts if you only need 45? All that leads to is wasted money and wasted t-shirts. We love our products and we don’t want them to end up in boxes or stuffed in dresser drawers. This is why we created Breakless Pricing…

Traditional: What you are probably used to.

Pricing with Breaks

You’re stuck in a price group paying the same price per print with pressure to exceed the next price break.


Breakless: What you deserve.

Trust's Breakless Pricing

You’re not stuck in a price group and pay the lowest price per print with no pressure to order a higher quantity than you need.

With our new Breakless Pricing, every single shirt is a price break! That means no wasted money, no wasted shirts, and no regrets. Breakless Pricing along with our Guaranteed Quantities (which eliminates damage rates and shortages) means you can actually order exactly what you need.

Jesse is our Creative Director. He splits his time between the Art Department and Creative duties, looking to innovate and push the company in both areas (unless he overslept.)

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