Live Printing on July 4th with Creekwood Church

Jesse MacKenzie
July 9th, 2015


We’ve been printing for Creekwood Church for a while now, so when they asked us about being a part of their Fireworks & Family event on July 3rd, we jumped at the opportunity. This was a great event, with tons of families sprawled out on the grass, throwing footballs, and eating incredible amounts of hot dogs. There was a watermelon eating contest and most importantly, Kona Ice trucks. It has been our dream since we started live printing to give away t-shirts for free, and our partnership with Creekwood finally made that possible. Trust and Creekwood split the cost of the shirts and we hand printed 953 shirts between 7pm and 11pm on Friday.

Jesse is our Creative Director. He splits his time between the Art Department and Creative duties, looking to innovate and push the company in both areas (unless he overslept.)

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