Live Printing in the Fort Worth Stockyards

Hannah Lewis
February 12th, 2018

Last Thursday we had the awesome opportunity to take our live print set up to our ole’ stomping grounds – the Fort Worth Stockyards! We love any event that allows us to be out in our community, so when we were presented with the opportunity to live print shirts for White Elephant Saloon’s reenactment of the legendary 1887 gunfight between Luke Short and Jim Courtright – we quickly said yes.

Fort Worth Stockyards

On February 8, 1887, Short and Courtright duked it out in front of Fort Worth’s White Elephant Saloon, resulting in one of the most famous gunfights in western history. Fast forward to 2018, the re-enactment (that is put on every year) was just as intense as we imagined what took place back in 1887. The only difference between then and now was us being there printing limited edition shirts about the historic day.


This art was custom designed by our very own Jesse MacKenzie and has an awesome story behind the idea and overall concept. Jesse tracked down a scan of the original newspaper from the day after the gunfight in 1887. From there we printed the full article about it in halftones behind the graphic of Luke Short and Jim Courtright. A nice single color print on a light shirt with great halftones turned out to be a hit at the event!


This was our first time to be a part of an event in the historic stockyards and we loved it! The re-enactment was super educational, family-friendly, and overall a great event that we can’t recommend enough and hope to be a part of in the years to come.

Fort Worth Stockyards

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